How to get the low-priced dream bathroom

The bathroom has a high priority in today's bathroom culture. It has long been no longer just a matter of body cleansing and hygiene. Rather, it is the place where we take care of ourselves and want to combine the atmosphere of the bath with an upscale feel-good character. The manufacturers of fragrance baths, lotions & Co. invite us to indulge - we can realize their request only when we surround the well-kept ambience of the home spa in our bathroom.
It does not always have to be the complete bathroom renovation to achieve this goal. If your bathroom is still in good condition, you can already create a completely new bath feeling with little renovation effort. But how do you handle such a renovation?

Step 1: Assessment

Initially undergo a critical visual inspection of your bath. It starts with the technical functions, because these are the basic requirement. Make sure that all hot and cold water connections are working and that the mixers are properly sealed. Check that all drain lines are clear, the lights are working, the heater is warm, and the bathroom is in good condition.

Step 2: Plan Changes

Include the results from the visual inspection in your planning. If only the outflow nozzle on a mixer tap is calcified, it does not need to be replaced.
Now think about which things you would like to change in the bathroom renovation. Changing the color of the ceiling paint can work wonders, or you can give this ceiling stucco styrofoam the feel of a Roman steam bath. Plan changes to the bathroom furniture with the long-awaited rotating make-up mirror. Take bold paths with possibly artificially planted amphorae.

Step 3: the implementation

First refurbish your technique in the bathroom. Unscrewable nozzles and shower heads are like new in the decalcifier bath overnight. Savvy home improvement even succeeds in cleaning the inside of the thermostatic mixer.
Clean all drain sieves and unscrew the siphons to remove any debris in the tubes. Attention, put bucket!
Clean existing lights or recessed spots and replace already blackened bulbs with new ones.
The last major action is the painting work. Stick all tile walls, sanitary facilities, windows and doors with building foil. Paint all colored surfaces in your desired color.
After the final cleaning, you will equip your bathroom with cleverly selected accessories and your bathroom invites you to the first feel-good bath.

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