How to insulate concrete

DIY enthusiasts still associate concrete with a certain amount of cold that the composite building material radiates. In fact, in times when energy conservation is more important than ever, the basic features are initially off-putting. However, only at first glance, because if you insulate concrete, you can use other concrete properties. Beton At first glance, concrete does not make much sense energetically

However, more and more builders are realizing the long-term benefits of concrete. At the moment, there is also a change in the standard construction of basement baths. Due to the lack of building materials and insulating materials, the design as a white bath was not possible for a long time. However, building materials and construction products have experienced a tremendous development in recent years. Finally, building materials are now available that keep white cellar basins tight in the long term. Thus, the basement of a white concrete tub is becoming more and more of a building standard. The thermal conductivity as well as the density of concrete are essentially related to the insulation possibilities and the associated efficiency.

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