How to make a foundation plate yourself!

The foundation slab not only has to be load-bearing and, with this feature, it must guarantee a high level of stability of your building. Rather, it must also have been made to measure and warp-free. Especially in prefabricated houses, a sloping floor slab always leads to the refusal of performance of the home construction company, because the entire house would be forgiven. But even with a small garden shed you would have to compensate for the inclined planes by underlying wedges, which is avoided with proper execution of the bottom plate.
You will need chess tools, a vibratory plate, a concrete mixer and at least two buckets, a hand tamper, a concrete puller and at least two additional helpers. The material requirement consists of steel mesh mats as well as concrete gravel and cement or ready-mixed concrete.

Step 1: Preparatory work

According to your foundation plan, you lay all strip foundations, manholes for drainage pipes and other foundations such. B. the staircase base. Lay the drain lines with a slope and close these ditches again including their compaction. Lay the foundation earth electrode and create a connection lug at the later meter cabinet.
Now cover the strip foundations, which has been described in detail in a special article. Create a layer of coarse-grained gravel between the foundations, which you condense with a hand-held rammer or a vibrating plate.

Step 2: concreting

For foundation slabs up to about 10 square meters, you can carry out the concrete work by hand with a concrete mixer and concrete gravel and cement in a mixing ratio of 3: 1. For all larger foundations, it is worth ordering prefabricated concrete, the cubic meter of which you previously calculated from the foundations and base plate. Lagen Fill the earth-moist concrete in layers and compact it with a rammer. When the strip foundations are filled and about 7 cm of concrete are spread out on the continuous board, lay the steel mesh mats over their entire surface. Now the complete filling and smoothing is done with a wide concrete puller.
Step 3: Ensure quality Fundament Especially at high outside temperatures, foundation plates may lose their water too fast and crack. So water the plate regularly for the first three days.

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