How to paint roller finishes

Can you also paint a roll plaster for interior or exterior? You can, as well as all types of roller polish are also suitable for painting. However, you have to be careful here, on the one hand to use the right tool, on the other hand, to proceed correctly. Richtig Apply brushing coat properly

Most roller plasters can be painted on the wall with a puff. It is important only to use a correspondingly high-quality puff, which is also suitable for the ingredients of the cleaning material. Many mineral-based plasters and lime can attack the bristles of a cheap plastic quast and then stick together. They also form smaller lumps between the bristles of the quast and thus prevent a rich and uniform plaster application to the wall. If in doubt, you should ask in the hardware store for a suitable suitable tassel, in most cases, all the products that can be used for lime are also easily suitable for all mineral plasters. For corners and edges as well as for small areas that are to be plastered, you can then also resort to appropriate brush, for the compatibility is the same as for the tassel.

Note Structures

A quast should work in even, semi-circular arcs that intersect. Alternatively, you can also apply longitudinal and transverse plaster, but only in one strike direction. Both create a different look: semicircular application with the tassel creates a very rustic pattern, reminiscent of the walls of old country houses, where used to be often worked with lime or gypsum plaster. When applying longitudinal and horizontal, which should always happen in the same order, creates a more irregular pattern, but also can be sexy. It should be noted that even when painting the plaster structures absorb well, with the brush worked edges and corners are so very smooth initially. Therefore, you should make them before, and over-brush again with strong Quaststrichen.

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