How to plan your prefabricated house - from the idea to the construction

You are planning the construction of a prefabricated house, but do not yet know what to pay attention to? The following article gives you an overview to make this important decision as easy as possible for you. From costs to the end of the organization - here you will learn everything.

First checklist - what do I need anyway?

Once you have clarified this, the decision for a prefabricated house company follows after the choice of the property. Because this plays a crucial role: It takes over the organization of all services around the house. Whether it's the organization of the property or the observance of the building regulations - it will certainly be at your side.

The prefabricated house company - an important decision

Precisely because of the high responsibility of the prefabricated house manufacturer, it is important to find a reputable and reliable partner. Do friends or acquaintances already have good experiences with a specific company? How far can the corporation meet my individual requirements? These can be important clues in the decision.

"Bringing together" is one of the biggest advantages of the prefabricated house operator: You do not have to keep in touch with 20 different craft companies if you have problems or questions. This not only reduces the scope of planning, but gives you a completely reassuring feeling.

A good prefabricated house company will not only take over the organization and planning of the house, but will also offer ready-made houses for inspection or rehearsal to make the decision easier. The quality seal of the BDF (Federal Association of German prefabricated construction) assigns such a company additionally.

The costs - plan well and save a lot

The greatest savings in the planning of a prefabricated house are made by an intelligent and simple floor plan: Avoid nesting, protrusions or recesses or an extra space for every little thing. This not only saves working time, material and costs, but also makes later living easier.

Of course, you should also plan the procurement of the money in good time, after your prefabricated house company has provided you with a cost overview. A good credit should combine an efficient repayment with a good quality of life. After all, you should also enjoy the house and not constantly financial worries.

Good organization is everything

Your prefabricated house company will take a lot of work from you due to the merger of all companies. Nevertheless, it is helpful to have an orderly overview of the entire planning:

  • The first step is the purchase of the property, only then follows the planning of the prefabricated house.
  • This will take over your construction company; In many cases, an architect is consulted to facilitate individual design planning.
  • In order to obtain a building permit, your prefabricated house company will submit all necessary documents to the building authority
  • Even with already existing prefabricated house types, the statics must now be calculated; This is usually a simple adaptation
  • Only then you receive the building permit from the building authorities

The subsequent implementation planning and construction of the building contract will take over the company of your prefabricated house for you. So do not worry, you have a contact person for everything.

Tips & TricksFirst planning, then rejoice: You will have a really good feeling when everything is settled and no questions are left open. Ask your prefabricated house company!
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