How to set a bathtub professionally

Required materials:

  • Bathtub, possibly as a complete set with bath feet or other, built-on substructure
  • quick-drying mortar
  • Bath profile
  • Joint silicone
  • Spirit level
  • Material for the bath paneling
  • Suitable fittings, siphon and Drain pipe
  • helping hands

How to do it

Step 1
In order to be able to set the bath optimally, the substrate must first be optimally prepared. Here it is advisable to use quick-drying mortar to shorten the waiting time. While the mortar is drying, the preliminary work can be done on the tub. First, the drains are attached. This happens at the designated places with the help of adhesive strips. This prevents slipping of the feet. If a prefabricated styrofoam or hard foam substructure is used instead of the tub feet, this can be set up both after complete drying of the subsoil and directly on the wet mortar. This bonding ensures greater stability.

Step 2
Now the bathtub has to be provided with a bathtub profile on the wall edge. This is necessary to prevent sound transmission from the tub over the wall. The tub profile is attached to the tub with a simple adhesive strip. With a helper then the tub can be lifted into place. If the tub is securely in the substructure, it should be filled with water. Tub feet can only be aligned correctly, moreover, the tub can sit in the construction and does not jiggle later. The alignment of the tub feet is done by means of appropriate screws and constantly monitored with a spirit level. Subsequently, the tub feet are filled with the mortar on the floor.

Step 3
After setting up and aligning the tub, the drains must be installed. In order to prevent later, difficult to reach, leaks or water damage, all connections must be checked for leaks. Leaky areas should be repaired with new sealing rings or with completely new outlets. An incline of about 2 centimeters per meter is ideal for optimal water flow. After this work, the tub paneling is attached. Setting a bathtub - made easy!

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