How to recognize the performance of a cordless screwdriver?

Just when you want to buy a new cordless screwdriver, which is well suited for many applications, the question arises about the performance. What high performance the cordless screwdriver speaks for, and how individual performance factors are related, can be found in this post.

Cordless screwdriver types

Basically, different types of cordless screwdrivers must be distinguished:

  • Cordless screwdriver for screwdriving only
  • Cordless drill / screwdriver
  • Cordless hammer drill and
  • Cordless impact screwdriver and
  • Cordless rotary hammers

The distinction between impact drills and impact wrenches is particularly important. Here, the correct name is often not used, but this is important for the intended field of application.

Distinguish cordless screwdrivers for every application not only by their special structure, but also by:

  • voltage
  • wattage and above all by
  • speed and torque

These characteristics are also always designed for a specific application. With these values ​​you can always see how well a cordless screwdriver is suitable for a particular area.

Performance of the engine

A high voltage is always an indication of a very powerful engine. Mini cordless screwdrivers, for example, usually work with 3.6 V, higher-quality home appliances are usually between 12 V and 18 V. A high voltage is also an indication of a higher battery size.


The total power of the device can be compared by the wattage. If the wattage is not specified, it can be easily calculated from the data of the voltage and ampere hours (Ah):

12 V * 2 Ah = 24 W total power of the device.

Voltage and speed

High voltages can be used to achieve high speeds. This means that those who want to drill and mill with their cordless screwdriver should rather resort to higher speeds.

For screwing in screws are not so high speeds required, so here is sufficient also a cordless screwdriver with lower speeds. Less high speed means that even a low-power engine (with a lower voltage) is usually sufficient here.


However, this looks different with the torque. Cordless screwdrivers usually have a higher torque than devices that are designed for drilling. The torque is particularly high in a cordless impact wrench.

Impact wrenches do not completely reverse the rotation, but interrupt them and continue them with a bang. This results in a particularly high torque, which may be useful for loosening very tight screws or nuts.

Tips & Tricks Always keep in mind all the performance values ​​of the device you want to buy - and let us advise you on what suits your intended use.
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