How can emulsion paint be removed from plaster?

Some contemporaries see wallpapers as quite "out", they just leave the paper on the walls and paint directly on plaster. This can look really good, but does not always represent a permanent solution. At the latest when visually disruptive damage occurs, the color must go down again - only wonders how this works best.

Use these tools to remove emulsion paint from plaster

Imagine one thing: getting a plastered wall clear of emulsion paint will not be easy. On the contrary, you should plan plenty of time and be prepared for the work to be time- and power-consuming. These tools are available:

ToolsUseAdvantageDisadvantageSafety tip!
spatulawith arm powers scraping the paint from the wallinexpensive working tool, combinable with other toolsvery tiring without stripping or hot airWear eye and mouth protection against dust and splinters!
Scouring padWater the surface thoroughly, scrub the paintDirt and splinters are bound in waterCan only be used for a few paint residuesWear working gloves to avoid abrasions
Wire brushPowerful abrasion of the wallsFast work with less effort, even as a drill attachmentPlaster could be damagedPay attention to dust extraction, respiratory protection and dust extraction!
GrinderRoughening or sanding the surfacefast work with reduced effortoften has to be supplemented by other methodsvacuuming and wearing protective mask!
Hot air blowerHeat surface, then scrape off soft paintColor is easier to removebad-smelling vaporsWear respiratory protection and gloves!
Apply special strippers, allow to work in, level offColor is easier to scrape offSolvents and harmful substances in the airWear protective equipment and ventilate the room well!

What is the best way to remove Putz's emulsion paint?

As you can see, there is a wide choice of tools and methods to rid the plaster of the emulsion paint. If the leaves are already peeling, the simple leveling off may be sufficient, firmly adhering residues are then removed with the hot air blower.

We recommend: Try out one of the best ways to remove the emulsion paint, first with the simplest means, then with heavier guns. Based on your experience, choose the best method for the entire wall.

Tips & TricksDo not neglect your safety, dust and chemicals can cause great damage, especially in the lungs and in the eyes!
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