How to remove emulsion paint from wood?

Emulsion paints last on a very large number of substrates, not just wallpaper and plastered walls. Even on a wooden surface, you can anchor yourself very firmly, but unfortunately they do not look very good. For wood fits better corresponding paint or, even better, a natural oil or hard oil wax. But how can the emulsion paint be removed from the wood? Ab Remove emulsion paint: is that possible?

Stripping is certainly not the finest method to get the wood clean, because it always foul-smelling pollutants get into the air, which are very disturbing especially indoors. So equip yourself with a respiratory protection and ventilate well!

Obtain a special paint strippers, but beware: there are different effective products designed for different paints! When shopping, it would be best if you knew what color you want to pickle exactly.

However, we recommend choosing a mechanical way to remove the emulsion paint from the wood. Although this is also associated with some dirt, but at least it is pollutant-free.

Removing emulsion paint mechanically from wood

Several options are available for mechanical or physical removal, which we present in a concise manner below:


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Removal methodAdvantagesDisadvantagesOrbital sander
Grind larger surfacesWork quickly on a flat surfaceCorners and Indentations can not be reachedsanding paper and hand ab sanding off profilings, corners, edges and indentations
easy access to corners and indentationsslow and tediousspatula ab trowel off poorly adhering paintfast, targeted work
can only be used on leafy and poorly adhering areashot air blower and spatulaDissolve color by heating and then level offwork quickly and thoroughly
strong odor, wood may darkensteel woolthoroughly clean wood pores and pitsthorough cleaning up to d he pits
Tannin-rich wood may discolour (oak)Tips & Tricks It's best to combine several of these methods together to achieve the best results. One thing is for sure: this project will require some work and effort that you can not avoid.