How can you strip off oil paint?

Oil paints are said to last a long time, just think of the works of old masters like Rembrandt, Rubens and van Dyck, who still shine in their old color after hundreds of years. Sometimes it is necessary to remove oil paint to make room for something new. But the paint is difficult to scrape off the ground: Is it worth it to pick up the stripper? Ab Pick off or paint off oil paint - what's the difference?

The stripping is usually done with a solvent-based substance, which can act due to their gel-like nature especially long on the oil color. Equipped with the right solvent, the paint stripper can dissolve the coating, making it much easier to finish off. Ab The leaching is also done with a gel, except that in this case a strong lye is included, which decomposes the coating during the exposure time - if all goes well. What works better for both depends entirely on the type of oil color.

Ask your local dealer about a paint stripper or leacher that works specifically for oil paint. Keep in mind, however, that this type of color may well have different compositions, such as resins or tempera, so that an accurate predictor of potency can never be made.

Thoroughly clean the abraded surface

The removal or leaching of oil paint will definitely be a little pleasant: work in a well-ventilated room and protect both your respiratory system and your skin from the harmful substances!

Finally, the paint stripper should be completely removed from the substrate, as well as the last remaining oil paint. First work with ammonia and then with warm water and a sponge. Then allow the surface to dry completely before applying a new coating.

Expect the removal of the oil paint is not easy, lubricates the dissolved coating and can only be removed from the substrate with additional solvent and patience. But maybe you are lucky and it goes by itself!

Tips & TricksBefore you resort to chemistry and rigorously pick off oil paint, we recommend trying it first with a hot air blower and spatula. You may be able to dissolve the coating by heating, so that you can easily scrape it off. Or you save yourself the removal and simply paint over the oil color.

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