How to remove wax stains on wood

Do you also like to stand a candle on the table? Be sure to place them in a wide candlestick, otherwise wax will drip next to it. But even if a drop of wax drips on the wood - do not panic. The stains are easy to remove.

Instructions for removing wax stains on wood

  • Olive oil
  • Blotting paper or kitchen crepe
  • Iron or hair dryer

1. Let the wax dry and crumble away

Wax can be difficult to remove in the liquid state. So wait until it cools down a bit. Per Then release the larger pieces by hand. This works best when the wax is not quite solid, so it is still a little warned, but no longer liquid. F 2. Blow-dry or iron

Place blotting paper on the stain and iron with low heat iron. As soon as the blotting paper shows greasy stains, move it so that a dry part is on the wax stain.

Repeat the process until the paper no longer absorbs wax.

Not everyone has blotting paper at home. Alternatively, you can heat the stain with a hair dryer and wipe off the liquid wax with a paper towel or napkin. Do not use a cotton rag! Otherwise this will have wax spots afterwards.

3. Round off with olive oil

Finally, pour a little olive oil on a piece of kitchen paper and rub it on the stained wood. Rub the entire surface with the oil. To remove any other stains and prevent discoloration.

In addition, olive oil is a great care product for your wood!

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