How to renovate a prefabricated house?

If your prefabricated house is already a bit old, it needs a renovation. Whether the aging facade or the now leaky windows; A professional renovation turns your house into "a new one". Find out what you want to know about renovating prefabricated houses.

The façade - not only the look counts

The windows - heat is lost here as well

In many cases, leaking windows will lose more energy than through the "old" exterior wall. Even the front door or poorly insulated blind boxes provide a high energy loss. With a professional renovation, for example by the low-cost placement of insulation material on the blinds, the insulation of your house will be as good as the first day.

Interior renovation - for a new, improved indoor climate

The most common and popular type of renovation is in the living areas; Here you feel the "new" the most. With new wall coverings, new interior doors or a new staircase, you get a new room climate according to your ideas for usually little money. Or you are gifted with craftsmanship; Then you simply do the renovation yourself.


The following overview shows you which parts of your house are to be renovated well and, above all, cheaply.

  • The façade: The addition of energy to the doors or blind boxes is reduced by the addition of energy.
  • The Kitchen: Replacing a backlog or stove can save tons of energy.
  • A rundown bathroom? New gaskets can already improve the indoor climate.
  • A new interior: Out with the old furniture and the used wallpaper - a new atmosphere is sure.
Tips & TricksWhere can you save money? With inadequate cost planning, even a simple renovation can be really expensive.
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