How to repair a parquet floor

Depending on the type of damage, there is a wide range of options to choose from to repair a parquet. From partial repair of individual holes, dents or cracks to the large-area repair of scratches or dullness, the range extends. The procedures also depend on the type of seal.

Trivial damage and repair kits

If the damage you want to repair on your parquet is small scratches or slight dents, you can achieve great results by simple means. While in oiled or waxed parquet floors, the number of repairs is almost unlimited, must be resealed with parquet sealed parquet from a certain amount. But then usually sanding and completely new sealing is required.

In DIY stores or at specialist dealers repair tools, often as complete sets, are available. For the smallest scratches, which are usually only an optical restriction, the use of a retouching pen is sufficient, with which the scratches are over-dyed. For larger damages such as deeper scratches, small cracks or holes, use wax putty. The putty is heated and backfills the damaged areas. For thicker holes and cracks, use wood paste that fills all open areas and can be treated like wood after hardening.

Expert repair Fach In the case of major damage such as chipped or broken wood or swollen and wet parquet, professionals have many options for making repairs that a home improvement can not do. Before considering a complete renovation treatment that includes sanding and sealing, you should always have the damage assessed by a certified professional.

Step by step instructions

Waxing wax

  • Wood paste
  • Parquet lacquer
  • Wood oil
  • Wax
  • Water
  • Repair set
  • Retouching pen
  • Plastic spatula
  • Iron
  • Sandpaper
  • Sponge
  • 1. Assess damage

Make a list of the damage to be repaired and inform yourself about the appropriate tools and materials for mending. Then create a shopping list and consider that many repair kits are cheaper than purchasing the selected line items.

2. Color Selection

Because retouching pens, soft wax and wood pastes are available in a wide range of colors on the market, you should determine the correct color with tools when buying. Take photos of the repair areas or take a reserved piece of your parquet with you. In some cases it is possible to saw off a small sample under a removed skirting board. Note the aging condition of the parquet. If in doubt, choose more according to your visual assessment than the type number of the parquet or the standardized wood species.

3. Repairs

Follow the packing instructions of the manufacturer and work on the damaged areas on your parquet accordingly. Waxes can often be put into the soft processing state by kneading. Dents can be pulled out of the wood floor with an iron. Drip a few drops of water into the dent and warm briefly with the iron. The parquet rises at the dented place. Wasser 4. Water damage

If, for example, the contents of a drinking glass have run onto the parquet, wipe it off immediately and observe the behavior of the parquet. Within a day, slight swelling may regress. If left standing wood remains, you can partially repair the damp areas after complete drying out. After light sanding and sanding of the raised wooden edges, repainting is possible with sealed parquet, but only a transitional solution until the next new complete seal after sanding.

5. Mechanical damage

If wood is broken or splintered, you should always consult a specialist, as the individual damage, if improperly repaired, can have a destabilizing effect on the entire parquet. If you are a tenant of rooms with mechanically damaged parquet, please coordinate with the owner.

6. Protecting repairs

For any kind of repair, you should mark the repaired areas and do not load or cover them for 24 hours, unless longer periods of protection and drying time can be found in the manufacturer's instructions.

Tips & TricksWhen repairing sealed parquet, optical differences usually arise. When the next annual complete sanding and re-sealing is about to begin, conceal any visual disturbances with carpets or the like. Oiled and waxed parquets lose their color and gloss differences at the repaired places usually very soon.

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