Instructions for repairing a roller shutter

Blinds can have a wide variety of defects. The cause can often be small, but have a huge impact - namely that the entire shutter can not be moved. Below, we have created a guide for you to identify and repair various damage to the roller shutter.

Small cause, big effect - actually always

Almost regardless of what caused the defect on the roller shutter - as a result, usually the roller shutter armor can not move up or down. But it does not always have to be a really serious damage. Mostly you can repair a blind yourself with a few simple steps or at least for a small amount of money.

Instructions for Excluding, Identifying and Repairing the Roller Shutter

First of all, you must distinguish between two systems.

  • with belt (manual, but also with electric belt winder)
  • electric (electro-mechanical and electronic)

Instructions for repairing blinds with belt

Usually the roller shutter armor can not be moved up or down. Then the damage is limited quite quickly. Check the belt as follows.

  • can the belt be pulled out of the rewinder and will it automatically rewind?
  • is the shutter completely closed, half or completely open?
  • Does the belt hang loose from the belt winder without rolling up automatically?
  • can the belt be pulled out of the rewinder, but not pulled in at the top of the belt passage?
  • is the belt broken?

These are the basic tests you should perform. Now we explain the potential damage and how to fix it.

The strap loosely comes out of the belt winder

In this case, the spring in the rewinder is most likely to break, which keeps the reel tensioned so it automatically retracts the strap. You will find detailed repair instructions under "Repairing roller blind belt winder".

The strap is torn

If the strap is torn, you must replace it. For instructions, see "Replacing a roller shutter belt"

The belt can not be pulled in or out on the bushing

In this case, the belt may have been wound up at an angle on the shaft. Likewise, the belt pulley may have come loose in which the belt is received. To check this you have to open the roller shutter box. There, the opening of the access door is explained in Auf- and Vorbaurolläden.

Before doing so, however, you should check from the outside whether individual slats of the roller shutter armor have jammed in the guide rail. If no damage is visible here, the tank may have jammed in the roller shutter box. In addition, it may be that the Behangbänder (connect the tank with the shaft) have solved or torn. Then you have to remove the shutter.

Defects in electrical systems

The defects in electric blinds can also have different effects.

  • Engine just buzzing, but does not turn anymore
  • Engine can not be heard at all
  • Engine is still turning even though the upper or lower maximum lifting point is reached
  • Engine shuts down, although shutters are not yet fully opened or closed

For the last two You must adjust the roller shutters drive points. Attention! If the motor turns despite reaching the stop (not to be confused with the end position, which is normally approx. 3 cm previously positioned), be sure to stop the motor immediately in this direction. Inside the engine, this can lead to considerable damage, which we describe here, among others: Setting the roller shutter motor.

Even if the actual end position is not reached and the motor shuts off beforehand, a new setting must be made. Exception: electronic blinds. Here, the error in the electronics of the control unit to search, since there are no end positions for manual adjustment. If the engine hums or does not make any noise, there is usually a major defect that requires you to remove the engine.

Tips & Tricks Of course there are other possible sources of error. In the house journal you will find detailed articles, instructions and information on all possibilities. So many do-it-yourselfers face a major problem, for example, if you want to expand the roller shutter motor when the tank is rolled up. Also on this and other problems you will find comprehensive answers.
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