How to save when moving

An old saying goes: Moving three times is like burning down once. For True, a move also costs a lot of money. It becomes convenient and fast when a moving company is commissioned with it. These companies also offer a full service, whereby also the packaging of the things is taken over.
Of course everything has its price. In any case, it pays to have several price offers created. Reputable companies will then visit the apartment and take an oversize. The price offers are free and without obligation.

Largest factor - transport volume

The following factors play a role in the calculation. The most important point here is the size of the apartment. The number of rooms and the amount of people living in the apartment also play a role. Are more rooms available, such. B. study, cellar, attic? A family has comparatively more inventory than a single. Special pieces of furniture must also be considered - transporting a piano is no easy task!
The furniture forwarder will estimate the move volume. This depends on the size of the team. Many packers - high price.

Other important factors

All other factors are more likely to play a smaller part in the calculation. Depending on the transport volume is also the vehicle. A smaller truck will not cost that much either. The distance is important too. Every kilometer wants to be paid.
These factors can be little influenced. A savings potential but offers the service! In the case of full service, the removal company also takes care of packing things in boxes, which the company then also provides. In addition, the furniture is dismantled and built. This is done professionally and people with less manual skills should consider this point. If you are packing yourself, you will find inexpensive moving boxes in the nearest hardware store.
Which company is the right one? Useful in this consideration are recommendations from the circle of acquaintances. Partly you will also find reviews on the Internet. It is recommended to negotiate a cost cap with the company. Then the costs can not explode.

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