How to sell your apartment building correctly

Do you own a multiple dwelling but would like to sell it for financial or other personal reasons? In this article, you will learn how to successfully sell your apartment building by creating an attractive, interesting offer.

Find the right price

Offer in different ways

Since a multi-family house does not represent a purchase for "in between", but rather a very high investment, you should make your offer accessible to the broadest possible circle of interested parties. This greatly increases the chances of finding a buyer.
While a newspaper ad is more appealing to regional home buyers, an Internet ad, preferably on different portals, is theoretically accessible to the world.

Honesty lasts the longest

Do not try to sell a dilapidated or, in essence, massively damaged house. Although it is often expensive to carry out a refurbishment, you can also take these costs into account in the sales price. It is better to offer a freshly renovated house than to hope that the damage does not fall on the buyer. Because with a dishonest sale, you not only bring the buyer into trouble, but also risk an ad for fraud.

Tips & TricksSearch in the newspaper or on the Internet for houses that are comparable to your apartment building, and compare the prices. So you get an orientation quickly, which price is appropriate for your property.
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