Step by step instructions

1. Preparation

Before you start plastering with colored stones, it is important to check the wall for its load-bearing capacity. Depending on the existing flushing then additionally primed and pre-painted with a suitable plaster base. It is also important that the wall is completely clean, completely dry and dust-free. Especially in outdoor areas, it may be necessary to thoroughly clean the wall first and then let it dry again. Otherwise, dirt will be clearly visible in the pattern.

2. Prepare the container

If the base of the plaster has dried completely, you can start applying it. Open only one container and stir briefly. Although it should be stirred as well as possible, the stirring should not last longer than two minutes, otherwise the natural stone granules will be damaged and later shows discoloration. Water should be avoided as much as possible, but if necessary, it must not exceed about 1% of the volume, as otherwise the adhesion suffers.

3. Apply the colored stone plaster.

The plaster is applied with the trowel and smoothed out as when plastering with other materials too. In the case of colored plaster, attention must be paid to a very uniform layer thickness and a very uniform plaster application. In order to get a really clean look, it takes a bit of skill while applying.

4. Allow to dry

Color brick plaster must set for at least three days. During this time, it is essential to adequately protect it from moisture and mechanical influences. After that, Buntsteinputz needs about three more weeks to harden completely. During processing and if possible also during the dry season, the temperature should not be lower than 8 ° C, since otherwise uniform setting and drying is not possible.

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