How to use a night storage stove properly?

Night storage heaters have become rare today - that's why there are always questions about the correct operation of such a heater. Which operating options you have with individual models, and what you can set there, read here. Praktisch For most heaters, virtually no operation

Night storage heaters give off the heat during the day, which was previously charged. For charging, the low load periods are used, in which electricity is cheaper in most tariffs than at peak times. However, more than the previously charged amount of heat can not be delivered.

In order to regulate the heat output of the night storage oven, the amount of heat that is charged before must be changed. However, this is not possible with most of the heating models, since the amount of heat is automatically determined by a charging control on the basis of the currently prevailing outside temperature. This also means that with such heaters no operation is required - they regulate themselves completely.

This has of course a disadvantage: a readjustment is not possible with such heaters. This can occasionally be a serious loss of comfort, especially when it comes to short-term temperature drops. Die The natural fluctuations of the room temperature, such as a decrease in the room temperature after extensive ventilation, can not be readjusted. This is only possible with night-time heaters that use a room thermostat to set a built-in fan. If the room temperature falls below a certain value, the fan starts and distributes additional heat from the inside of the unit into the room until the set threshold is reached again. But more than the previously charged amount of heat can not be delivered even with such heaters, and the fundamental regulatory problem remains here.

Even with these types of heating, you can only change the threshold for starting the fan, but you usually have no other setting options.

Night storage heaters with auxiliary heating function and with manual control

However, it is rare to find night storage heaters that have an additional heating function and where additional heat can be generated in addition to the previously charged heat quantity. But this happens with Tagstrom, which means that the additional heating is always charged above the normal rate - with intensive use, this often means steeply rising electricity costs.

Manual operation is seldom found today - here you can set the charging amount manually. But you need a good estimation and usually a reliable weather report, otherwise it will soon be too cold for you. Conversely, an excessively high amount of heat quickly drives electricity costs to astronomical heights.

Tips & TricksThe operation of night-time heaters does not mean you have much to do - but you can hardly regulate anything. Advantages and disadvantages are not fully reflected here, much more comfort than a night storage heater today offer contemporary modern heaters, where the costs are usually much lower.

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