How & when should you disinfect your bed?

The idea of ​​disinfecting the bed seems attractive. Germs and bacteria are killed so efficiently. But is that really necessary? In which cases does it make sense to disinfect a bed?

When does it make sense to disinfect a bed?

Generally speaking, it is only sensible to disinfect a bed if a person with an infectious disease has slept in it or if the bed is in bed. is heavily contaminated due to nocturnal urination. In nursing homes or hospitals beds are disinfected. In the private household this is rather unusual. Even a hot wash kills germs and bacteria. We humans should not live in an absolutely germ-free environment. This makes us more susceptible to diseases and allergies.

How to disinfect a bed?

In hospitals or nursing homes, disinfectant wipes are usually used for disinfection. Disinfectant spray can be inhaled and is therefore rarely used. If you want to keep your bed as free of germs as possible or a bed drunk sleeps in the bed, you should put a washable mattress cover on the mattress.

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