Ideal roof covering for garden sheds - roof shingles

Roof standard shapes and kits

The roofs of garden sheds have six common standard shapes, for which many manufacturers produce and offer complete sets for the roofing: the unilaterally sloping pent roof, the pitched roof and polygonal variants from quadrilateral to pentagon and hexagon to the octagon.

While roofing shingles made of bitumen or Preolit ​​are very easy to bend and cut to size and therefore also allow easy installation as individual products, a pre-sawn set is recommended for wooden shingles, especially for polygonal garden sheds.

Prefabricated houses in modular technology

Nowadays, garden houses are seldom planned, constructed and individually constructed. The abundance of finished kits for garden sheds available on the market provides the right model for every taste, use and size.

Most manufacturers offer the garden house in modular technology, so that the buyer can put together the desired features such as number of windows, door type and roof covering itself. In most cases, the roof substructure is included in the kit and the buyer selects shingles that come at the price of the garden shed.

Matching sets of wood rarely

While most manufacturers already offer measured and cut roof shingles in the required quantity, products from other suppliers can also be used. With the materials bitumen, Preolit ​​or plastics, the surface to be covered is sufficient as a purchase basis, as these materials are easily adaptable to any roof shape due to their properties.

Anyone who prefers wooden roof shingles is usually better advised to buy a suitable set, as the subsequent adaptation to the roof run can require a great deal of effort, especially in the case of polygonal garden sheds. The choice is limited and who wants a special type of wood, often has to make do with the purchase of a product from another manufacturer.

Supply sources and price ranges offers almost all types of garden sheds that can be planned with an online configurator beforehand, including roof shingles.

  •,, and stock roof cladding sets and retail outlets.
  • The price per square meter for bitumen, preolite and plastic starts at five euros, individual wooden shingles from 25 euros and wood kits from around 40 euros per square meter.

Tips & TricksWith the veneers on the side of the eaves, the roof shingles become almost "invisible" from below.

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