Multi-generation living

Variety of design options

The modern prefabricated building allows you to create a variety of styles through a high degree of individuality and variation: Since a two-family house already represents a slightly larger type of house, you can decide the effect yourself: Do you want a discreet design, the house can look rather small or a self-confident appearance that relies on size and moisture?

The assumption that prefabricated buildings only allow buildings according to the catalog is wrong. Although the models from the catalog represent the basis for the future house, they can be changed in many places and adapted to personal preferences. In the two-storey house this plays a big role: Large houses are often built in a boring, uninteresting style. They look like "gray giants" and absolutely out of date.

As you can see, the purchase of a two-storey prefabricated house offers great advantages. Still, you should look at the extra charges for a smaller house and consider whether you really need the extra space.

Tips & TricksCompare as many different models as possible if you are interested in a two-storey prefabricated house. So you have the highest chance to find fair offers.

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