Ideas to design the party cellar

The counter is style-defining

The counter or the counter is the heart of the party cellar a formative visual element. The style of the rest of the party cellar often follows the counter.

A glass block counter can be illuminated from the inside and is stable. Depending on the color combination, a dim light or colorful light sources are created. Tr Popular wooden counters are designed in a rustic style. Over the counter a small roof can be mounted.

  • The disguise of the bar with raffia, rattan, bamboo or reeds creates a tropical atmosphere that can be continued throughout the party cellar.
  • A brick counter with a sturdy wooden plate as a counter can be made attractive by plastering and the design of the outer wall, for example, with embedded broken glass.
  • Furnishing accessories
  • The furnishing of the walls, tables, shelves and ceiling in the party cellar can evoke cosiness and well-being with a few ideas.

Wall decorations from a collection such as beer mats, crown corks, athlete pictures. Auf Instead of a bare dartboard, set up an English dart cabinet. "Table with matching tablecloths, candlesticks, ashtrays, spices" cover ". An Illuminate particularly attractive pictures, posters or objects with light spots. Aus Equip seating with cushions and easily accessible storage facilities.

Motto and break in style

  • When a party room is caribbean, for example, palm trees, bamboo furniture and subdued sunny orange and yellow light sources add style. Cushions and pillows should fit. Hanging over a deer head or an alpine picture above the Caribbean bar ensures an amusing style break.
  • Tips & TricksKeep in the beginning with the equipment with too much "Nippes" back. Over time, your party cellar fills with the gifts of your guests. The atmosphere grows by itself with every party.
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