Ideas to spice up walls attractively and decoratively

The design of the walls shapes the atmosphere and the look of rooms. Many changes and adjustments have to be implemented with relatively simple means. Much depends on the color tones and color combinations. Friendly, warm, comfortable, sober, factual and modern - everything can be achieved while spicing up the walls.

Color selection and application methods

If you paint walls in color, you should be concerned with the effect of colors. When asked which color suits well, room type and size, interior design style and personal taste play the main roles.

Brightly magnified optically, intense colors dominate and a gray wall can look elegant or cool. Exciting spice effects make it possible to paint a wall, either partially or in two colors.

Deposition between two shades can be finished by applying a border. Especially at half-high color separation creates a kind of country style. An old masonry wall made of bricks gets a completely new character when individual stones and the joints are painted in different colors.

Additional materials and coverings

A partially painted and wallpapered wall unfolds a special charm. Even a partially papered cork wall differs greatly in its effect from a complete cork wall. Coverings made of wood or fabric may cover boring or even unsightly wall sections.

Special visual and functional effects

A boring wall quickly turns into a personal gallery when it becomes a self-made photo wall. Gratings are not only worth a thought on external walls. Cleverly wall-mounted grids create exceptional storage and decoration options.

A high-gloss finish can be selected in its intensity with wet effects to be mirrored. With a fan-shaped wiping technique that can be used on both plaster and paint, creates abstract structures.

Figurative and geometric elements

If you have a creative vein, you can implement the following individual elements on the wall:

  • Wall lettering
  • Wall pattern
  • Wall script
  • Wall stamp
  • Wall tattoo
Tips & tricksIf you like variety, purely color changes are more advantageous for more frequent spice up. Brushing and "impose" with fabric require the least amount of effort and you can redesign at least annually.
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