When the ceramic hob is scratched

There is a ceramic hob in almost every kitchen today. Housewives and men as well as cooks and cooks appreciate the outstanding features equally. This also means that a ceramic hob is easy to clean. However, it can also come to scratches on the glass ceramic. How they are created and what you can do about them is summarized below.

There are these ceramic and glass ceramic fields

Again and again you have to read that you have to replace a deeply scratched ceramic hob. That's not necessarily true. Sugar on the hot Ceranfeldoberfläche leads to Ausmuschungen. Parts of the glass ceramic dissolve, which means a deep damage. Nevertheless, the Schott AG points out that the ceramic hob is not limited in functionality, but just is not so nice to look at.

You should change the ceramic field, however, if there are cracks in the glass ceramic. Then liquids can run through the crack in the electronics and electrical parts and cause a short circuit there - this can also the hob (at the metal edge, if present, under power

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