If a cowhide rug stinks, remedy is only possible to a limited extent.

A cowhide rug always has its own odor. When the natural odor turns into a smell that is perceived as a stench, it may be due to moisture, faulty tanning, or an odorous environment. If the cause is identified and eliminated, usually only helps to ventilate.

Lack of production or moisture

Even though a cowhide rug is actually a "dead" product, its origin in the sense of smell can never be completely denied. The hair of the fur "stuck" in the leather of the skin and form on the hair root approaches potential odor herd. In the case of insufficient tanning in the production process, organic dirt residues may remain here. They increasingly lead to stench in the decomposition. This odor development is due to a faulty manufacturing process and can justify a replacement right within the warranty period.

Persistent moisture is one possible cause of the stinking of the cowhide rug. For example, if the carpet is laid on the floor in a damp condition, the leather may not be able to dry off and dry properly. The moisture enhances the natural odor of the coat. Sufficient airing is always recommended for proper care of the cowhide rug and laying on a dry surface solves the problem.

Absorbing and applying foreign odors

A specific property of animal hair is the absorption of odors from the environment. For example, the cowhide takes on the sweat of bare feet. Intense room odors such as nicotine and the smell of food preparations can stink the cowhide. Therefore, laying out the carpet in the kitchen or in a smoker's salon is not recommended.

By selective cleaning of the carpet of cowhide the smell is usually not to change. As a help against unpleasant odors, shampooing with a special product containing odorants can help. The perfuming of cow skin rug by the application of Eau de Toilette or deodorant covers stench. However, it remains in the cowhide and can lead to the sticking of fur hair in case of overdose.

Tips & TricksSwipe the cot rug, which is suspended vertically outside, several times with clear water until it is damp and let it dry over and over again. On a windy day, this sometimes helpful method works best.
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