The awning covering must endure a lot

It is clearly preferable to impregnate your awning with nano-technology. Although the nano-impregnation is significantly more expensive, but also has more advantages. The impregnation is significantly more durable and protects the awning fabric from mechanical damage. In the process, polymers are applied. These crosslink and form a closed, even under the microscope extremely smooth surface. Dirt particles slip off quickly (similar to lotus effect), in addition, mechanical effects penetrate the impregnation much more difficult.

Again and again you can hear from the tip that you could impregnate an awning with hair spray. However, the ingredients for the cotton synthetic fibers are far too aggressive. Mark The awning fabric can consist purely of synthetic fibers, but also of a synthetic fiber-cotton mixture. Even then, the concrete choice of a suitable impregnation is aimed. The specialist trade advises you here to your awning fabric.

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