Minimize heating costs - insulate dry stone wall

As part of a renovation, a dry stone wall should always be insulated from the inside as well. As a result, a small part of the living space is lost, but the gain in comfort and warmth, that certainly weighs many times.

Insulation from inside

The insulation from the inside is not only cheaper, it is also much easier. Here you also have the advantage of completely new interior walls that are clean and smooth. In any case, a vapor barrier must be applied to the stone wall before insulation can be carried out. Only on the vapor barrier then a previously calculated insulation layer is applied. Subsequently, the wall can be covered with various lightweight materials.


  • OSB boards
  • Real wood panels
  • Gas concrete blocks
  • External insulation

Unfortunately, the beautiful look of a dry stone wall is lost if the building is insulated from the outside. However, this can often not be avoided if thermal insulation is to be carried out. Before that, however, the substance of the wall should be tested. Is it in need of refurbishment or are already visible lime and Salpeterausblühungen available, it must first be carried out a renovation.

Heat-bonding system Wärme Today, in most cases, thermal insulation systems are used for the insulation of the outside, which have a plaster surface in addition to the thick Styrofoam or Styrodur layer on the outside. Although this thick airtight shell of the house keeps very warm, but it should be installed only by professionals, so that thermal bridges are prevented.

Tips & TricksIf the walls are insulated from the inside, a substructure is usually applied to the rubble stone wall. If you want to attach many pictures and shelves, you should plan the same with the substructure.

If one or the other bar is additionally installed in the right place, you will always have enough grip for such things later on. However, you should definitely draw a plan that shows where the slats are.

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