Is soldering toxic?

The so-called soldering smoke or soldering fumes are considered toxic. To what extent this is the case, and what health problems are to be feared and when, you will read extensively in this article. In addition, which protective measures should always be taken.

Danger from soldering fumes

The soldering fumes (ie the vapors that form during soldering) consist of several components:

  • the vapors from the flux
  • alcohol fights
  • dross dust from the solder (often contains lead and other heavy metals in lead grades)
  • fine dust and dust Fine Dust

In addition there are many other hazardous substances, such as hydrogen bromide, lead oxides, hydrazine, rosin (if this substance is used as a flux), phosphorus pentoxide and a few others.

Protective measures

If more is soldered, a professional extraction should be available in any case. If one does not set the soldering smoke permanently, but only on a case-by-case basis, a good ventilation of the room and an open window is sufficient. In any case, the resulting soldering fume should not be inhaled.

If you solder more often, you should protect yourself more largely because of certain lead compounds.

Tips & TricksDangerous soldering fumes are generated during hard and soft soldering alike. Protect yourself always enough.
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