Lime cleaner - what really helps?

Lime is a nuisance in almost every household. Kalkreiniger promise the long sought and quick remedy. What you should always pay attention to in the advertising promise, and what actually works, you will learn in this post.

wonder drug

If you believe the advertising promise, lime cleaners are always true miracle drugs. Spray on once, wipe off - done. And for a week then no new lime is created at the cleaned place.

Practice shows that already visible limescale deposits can never be removed in this way - with no cleaner. Contact times are always necessary, and with already existing and tangible or visible deposits, several cleaning cycles are required in any case.

Lime cleanser versus home remedy

The proven home remedies for limescale removal, such as vinegar and citric acid, show in practice at least as good an effectiveness as chemical cleaners. However, they are much more environmentally friendly, less expensive and less harmful to health.

Regular cleaning

Whatever means you use - regular cleaning is the best way to prevent limescale. As long as lime can not settle and harden, the problem with the deposits will in most cases remain very small.

As a precautionary measure, simply use vinegar cleaners to thoroughly and completely remove the first deposits that form after a short period of exposure (a few minutes). This is also for most affected surfaces much gentler. Massive use of acids permanently damages any surface.

Proven Recipe

A good tip is the following cleaner recipe for DIY. It has proven itself in all household areas and in the bathroom well, is food safe and not harmful to health.

  • Add detergent or spray bottle (0.5 liter) 1 cm high with detergent
  • Add 50 g citric acid
  • Fill up with water

The product is ready for use when the added citric acid has completely dissolved (usually takes several hours). It can be easily used in all areas for preventive and very effective limescale cleaning.

Tips & TricksIf you really have very hard water in your household, you might also consider using a central water softening system. This can be worthwhile with very hard water.
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