Laying the lawn grille - a guide

Whether you want to lay a concrete or plastic lawn grille - except a few tricks for the durable substructure and in the case of concrete lawn grating enough muscle power, the work is straightforward. We give you an overview.

Required Tools

To lay a grass fence, you need the following tool, which is available in most home improvement equipment.

  • Spade, shovel and possibly pickaxe
  • Guideline with fixing rods and spirit level
  • Jig saw with plastic grass grille
  • Circular saw with hard metal blades for concrete
  • Broom for later insertion of potting soil
  • Rubber hammer for fixing lawn pavers or slabs
  • Wooden board and vibrating plate

Required materials

Now still the materials easily accessible and in the required amount ready and put and then go.

  • Coarse gravel for the lower bearing layer
  • Fine gravel for the grass paving bed
  • Earth-sand mixture for backfilling
  • Concrete grass pavers or plastic grass paving slabs
  • Specially suitable resistant grass seed mixture

Preparing the substrate

  1. Lift the soil at a minimum depth of twenty centimeters , In the case of concrete turf lattice, the depth should be at least four times the thickness of the stone.
  2. Fill the pit with coarse gravel or gravel up to five centimeters below the lower edge of the grass grille.
  3. Shake the carrying layer several times with a vibrating plate and add any unevenness or subsidence.
  4. Apply the fine gravel as a grass creel bed in the layer depth of five centimeters and also shake it several times. Eben Smooth the surface with a smoothing board. Ver Laying and filling the lawn grid
  5. Place the concrete blocks or plastic grid on the ballast using the spirit level. Gleichmäßig Distribute the soil-sand mixture evenly and sweep it into the cavities.

Sow the grass seed and water the lawn screen.

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