Linoleum floorboards and alternatives

Linoleum has been a proven floor covering for more than a hundred years, with outstanding durability and good material properties. Relatively new, however, are products such as click linoleum or linoleum planks, which make the time-consuming laying much easier today.

Classical installation is not without problems

In any case, you need a little experience with it and also a little skill for laying linoleum floors in the classic way. It is very important that laying is easy to do - the adhesives used for linoleum should not react with the floor covering and therefore bind extremely quickly. Time for slow and leisurely workers is not here.

The laying of the individual webs must also be very precise - otherwise there will be unsightly, clearly visible joints and displacements afterwards. In any case, you should have at least a bit of experience here. The wall finishes must be set very accurately.

One alternative is click-linoleum, or linoleum planks. They have the following advantages over classic installation:

  • quick and easy to install by tongue and groove system
  • installation without time pressure
  • no gluing necessary
  • no unsightly joints

So here are the advantages of classic linoleum with the modern and easy installation of click Laminate connected, and it creates a floor, on the one hand almost as durable as classic linoleum floors, but on the other hand as easy and easy to lay as laminate.

Attention: color differences!

Due to the natural properties of linoleum, high-quality products can also repeatedly show more or less distinct color differences. You must pay attention to this in any case and sort or mix the packages accordingly, otherwise you can see the color differences clearly in the final result.

Tips & TricksThe linoleum floorboards should definitely be stored in the installation room at least two to three days before installation in order to allow them to acclimatise.
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