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Is losing weight with LOGI logical? The LOGI diet, also known as the Stone Age diet, is a low-carbohydrate diet. LOGI stands as an abbreviation for "Low Glycemic and Insulinemic Diet", in English: Diet for a lower blood sugar and insulin value. The LOGI diet is said to increase blood sugar levels and insulin release only to a small extent. The basis of the LOGI diet is the assumption that our metabolism is still programmed to "stone age".

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  2. The diet in detail
  3. Duration of the diet
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. weight loss
  6. Count calories / points
  7. Sports & Exercise
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Origin of the diet

The diet concept according to the LOGI method is based on insights and research results of Prof. Dr. med. David Ludwig, Endocrinologist at the American Harvard University Hospital in Boston. He introduced in 2000 his "Low Glycemic index pyramid". The German nutritionist dr. Nicolai Worm, author of the book "Syndrome X or a mammoth on the plate" adapted the concept of the LOGI pyamids for the German market. The result, the book on the LOGI diet and the LOGI food pyramid, which contains red meat in contrast to Prof. Ludwig's Food Pyramid, was published in 2003.

The diet in detail

Protein as a satiety and the high proportion of vitamin and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables is very positive. Protein also slightly increases food heat production (postprandial thermogenesis) compared to carbohydrates and fats. However, it is not possible to significantly boost the metabolism, since the basic metabolism can hardly be changed by the diet.

The fat content with a share of 40-50% of the total calorie amount is quite high, so care should be taken that the primary vegetable fats are consumed. Red meat, as it is rich in saturated fats, should only be eaten in moderation. The consumption of white flour products, sweetened beverages and sweets should, as with most other diets, be avoided as much as possible.

Anyone who eats according to the LOGI method, offers a rather large selection of food. Since the LOGI diet is a low carb diet, the consumption of carbohydrates is severely limited, which will take a lot of getting used to. For example, typical side dishes such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes are barely consumed, and then only a small amount. Since many will find it difficult to do without these foods, the LOGI method recommends slowly reducing consumption. But still: who likes bread and pasta, will not be happy in the long run with the LOGI diet.

The LOGI method is not aimed at a quick weight loss, but rather sees itself as a guide to a long-term diet change. Slow weight loss is just a welcome side effect. For those who want to keep their weight or want to lose 1-3 kilos over a longer period, this is a good option. Obese people who have to lose a lot and those who want to get rid of a few pounds quickly will only reach their goal very slowly with the LOGI method. If you want to lose weight more quickly with the special food selection based on the LOGI pyramid, you will not be able to avoid counting calories. Only those who reduce the daily calorie intake below the calorie requirement and thus achieve a negative calorie balance can lose weight.

The book on the LOGI diet provides numerous recommendations, such as: For example, pay attention to the quality of the food ("class instead of mass"), not being hungry, enjoying the food and moving more. If you would rather take the internet, you can try the LOGI online diet. You can find more diets here. Or you make the diet finder and find the right diet for you.

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The latest reviews from you

LOGI = really logical

Uncomplicated concept that is really easy to understand and follow. I'm taking the LOGI method for the second time now and I feel the same way as I did the first time: I'm doing great and reduce my weight at a good pace. The principle is simple, the food pyramid clear, the rules are not too complicated. There are few carbohydrates, but you do not have to do without it completely. Also in the restaurant or at lunch in the job, the concept can be applied well. The dishes I eat may offer enough variety so that it does not get boring and one-sided. For me LOGI is more than "just" a diet, it has become more of a eating principle, when the stomach in the pants pinches something again.Read more ...

LOGI is logical and fun

Here is room for a short conclusion! I have been making the diet change to LOGI for 8 weeks as I have a metabolic syndrome combined with pancreatic overfunction. So I should try the LOGI method from my doc. In my case, however, pay close attention to the calorie intake (because of the high excess weight). Looking back, it was easy for me to stick to the plan and I have already lost over 12 pounds -> without starving! My blood levels have also improved and I can only recommend the program. Read more...

Moderate low-carb concept

Easy to understand and not too much waiver. The pyramid in the book gives a good overview of what you should eat and what less. After a not really successful Atkins diet week, I tried the Logi concept. Although I love carbohydrates, I wanted to stick to a low-carb diet for about 2-3 weeks, because friends of mine have had very good experiences with it. So Logi-book borrowed from a friend and set off. Fortunately, the concept was easier to understand and perform than Atkins carbohydrate counting. I did not have to give up my beloved bread completely, only restrict myself greatly. But you have to do that with every diet in some way. I particularly liked the pyramid in the book - because it makes very clear clearly what you can eat and in what quantity. Above all, I found it good that I was able to implement the logi principle well during the week (important because I often eat abroad quite a bit for professional reasons). The page with the pyramid I had copied out of the book and always there. I also lost weight - in the 3 weeks it warned a good 4 kilos. This is about 2 months ago and I have been able to keep it up to date with discipline and 3 times a week.More ...
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