Designing a wardrobe from a log

A log can be transformed into an attractive and practical wardrobe in many creative ways. Massive round trunks, halved trees and smaller tribe fragments can be arranged individually or in combination. As suspension and holding devices can serve existing Astansätze or nails and screws.

Where to get which wood

The procedure for designing a wardrobe from a tree trunk provides two possible approaches. The designer can develop a rough theoretical idea of ​​the wardrobe and go in search of a suitable tree trunk. The reverse procedure is also possible, in which a suitable strain is searched in the field, forest and corridor and the construction plan follows the natural specification.

A dry tree trunk must be used for a wardrobe. Therefore, what is almost forbidden anyway anyway, the felling of a living tree is not an option. Broken boulders must still have a certain "freshness", which protects them from the infestation of rot, mildew, mold and vermin. If your personal taste prefers to use pruned wood, foresters and forest businesses are the right place to start.

If a tree trunk is to be sawed, a driver's license is required for a power saw. Often enough for preparing a single tree trunk handwork with an ax, a hatchet and a handsaw. For debarking, there are special iron tools that forest companies like to provide information about. For smooth, straight and already barked tree trunks, the wardrobe maker is best turned to a sawmill.

Types of fastening and construction

If the tree trunk is to be used freely like a coat stand, the main trunk needs a diameter of about forty centimeters. A broad foot must prevent tilting even with uneven clothing hanging. An additional wall mounting serves as an alternative.

A lengthwise halved tree trunk can be screwed vertically to the wall. Shorter trunk pieces can be mounted next to each other in a decorative way. Hooks can be created either by remaining on the stem Astansätze, by screws or nails.

With branches, for example, as a horizontal connecting rod between logs, a kind of "natural" clothes rack can be modeled.

Tips & TricksYour tree trunk may contain almost no moisture and must be debarked. To increase durability and longevity, the application of caring oil or wax may be helpful.
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