Mattress smells musty: causes and measures

Sleeping on a stinky mattress is extremely unpleasant. But the smell is relatively easy to remove with a few tricks. Below we have summarized the most common causes of odors for you and what you can do if the mattress smells musty.


That a mattress smells like musty is not normal. Therefore, you should first do a cause research to prevent after removing the odors that the mattress begins to sputter again. Possible causes of odors are:

  • Insufficient ventilation of the mattress, especially if the mattress is lying on the floor
  • Mold
  • Contaminated by urine, vomit, food scraps

Check mattress

To determine where the problem lies, remove the bed linen and take it Take a close look at your mattress. Does it stain? Then you should treat them as described here. Is the mattress moldy? Then react as described in this manual.
Is there no obvious cause of the smell? Excessive moisture, together with pests and bacteria, is the reason for the musty odor. In this case, proceed as follows:

Remove musty odor step by step

    • Soda
    • Essential oil (eg lavender) (optional)
    • Hot water
    • Spray bottle
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Soft brush

1. Wash bed linen

Pull bed linen and any mattress covers wash and wash at 60 ° C (if allowed according to care label) in the washing machine.

2. Treat mattress with soda

Soda has a disinfecting and odor-neutralizing effect. First sprinkle generously with soda on the mattress.

Then pour hot water into the spray bottle and spray your bed evenly with it.

Carefully work the powder into the mattress with a soft brush.

3. Let it dry

Now wait until the water has completely dried off and then vacuum the powder using a soft nozzle.

4. Provide a pleasant scent

Finally, you can give your mattress a pleasant scent by spraying it with a little lavender oil or another essential oil of your choice. Add a few drops diluted with a little water in the spray bottle and spray the mattress evenly.

5. Dry again

Let your mattress dry again. It is best to place it perpendicular to the heating or to the balcony or the terrace. It is important to keep the mattress completely dry before you use it again, otherwise you will develop musty odors and mold.

Tips & TricksTo avoid moldy odors from the outset, it is advisable to ventilate the mattress regularly.
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