Motion detectors - find the right height

Motion detectors are used to address electrical consumers without manual switching. Depending on the application, the height at which the motion detector is installed plays an important role. Below you will find information about the optimal height of motion detectors.

Areas of application of motion detectors

Motion detectors can be found in numerous life situations. They can be used in completely different ways:

  • for switching a luminaire
  • for opening doors (retail store)
  • for triggering an alarm
  • for switching on a camera

The most common use is in the private area as an automatic switching device for a light (inside and outside ). Alarm systems are also increasingly associated with a motion detector in connection with a smart home.

The technical specifications of the detectors

However, before the height becomes important, other factors must be considered in advance. So there are different types of motion detectors. These differ according to their technical structure. The most important types are:

  • Infrared motion detectors (PIR detectors)
  • High frequency, microwave or radar detectors (HF motion detectors)
  • Photocells as motion detectors

PIR detectors

Usually, lights are switched on with motion detectors. For this purpose, mainly PIR motion detectors are used again. These work with infrared, so they respond to a moving in the monitored field heat source. Therefore, PIR detectors must be installed so that no opaque object is in the way.

HF detector

Different with HF motion detectors. These can also be mounted hidden behind stems. Even behind walls, HF detectors can be installed. This also results in the optimum heights for a motion detector. Furthermore, it is important how big the area to be monitored is.

The optimum height for the motion detector

An average area to be monitored (approximately 7 x 7 m, suitable for two vehicles next to each other and some space around the vehicles) requires a motion detector installed at a height of approximately 2.50 m should be. So you can then "illuminate" the area well, without constantly running someone directly in front of the detector. So it is well protected against accidental damage.

In addition to the height, vertical or horizontal mounting is important

In addition to the height but also the orientation is crucial. In oblong surveillance areas, for example driveways, which are wide enough for a car, persons and objects do not reach the sides but vertically into the area of ​​the motion detector. However, most detectors work optimally only when living beings or objects reach the monitored area horizontally, ie laterally.

Installing a motion detector from a height of 2.50 m

Therefore, in such a case you should keep the height of 2.50 m, but install the detector horizontally. How to connect a motion detector, we have summarized here for you. If it is a larger area to be monitored, the installation height will increase in line with the size of the area. Keep in mind the maximum range according to the manufacturer.

Tips & TricksFully outdoor motion detectors are used to switch the outdoor lamp. More and more LED bulbs are being used. In addition to the switching range, which must match the voltage consumption of each consumer, the motion detector in the non-switched state residual voltage may be present, which then flashes the LED light to light or flicker. Therefore, you should use a motion detector here, which switches with relays.
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