Stress-free moving - a checklist

No matter what reasons you want to move, plan it thoroughly! Imagine, the moving company is just around the corner and nothing is packed. This will be exhausting for everyone. To avoid such chaos, just use the checklist below!

1.Is the new apartment already ready for occupancy?
2. Do all media work? or friends?
4. Set expiry date!
5. Put a forwarding order at the post office!
6. Re-register important documents!
7. Must the old apartment still be renovated?
8.Alte apartment!

The new lease has been signed and you have received the keys. So let it begin! Do you still want to renovate - a colorful nursery and a noble wall tattoo? Then you should realize that before the move. When the apartment is granted, the desire to renovate quickly passes.
On this occasion you also check all adjacent media: water, gas, heating. Are electricity and telephone already changed? Likewise the television connection and the garbage bin. After all, you do not want to give it up in the new apartment.
How do you plan to move? Do you hire a company or do you invite the circle of friends? If you hire a moving company, then you get about 3 offers from different companies. This allows you to compare performance while saving money. If your circle of friends wants to fold the furniture, then let them know in good time so they can plan the appointment. This results in the appointment. Do you need to apply for a vacation? Also think of taking care of children and pets!
After the move, do not forget to place a forwarding order with Deutsche Post. Alternatively, you can have the post office stored at the store and pick it up yourself. For your important documents such. For example, the ID and driver's license, the new address must be changed. You usually have 14 days to do that.
The old apartment must also be submitted. Do you need to renovate before? This is regulated in your old lease. Include this time too.

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