Oak plank flooring - living like a king

When you look at an oak castle plank, the name of this oversized wooden planks is self-explanatory. Wooden floors used in modern and traditional architecture such as churches, castles, listed buildings, public facilities, office buildings or exclusive residential buildings are given a distinctive character.

As the name implies

Oak planks are carefully crafted to reflect the character of living wood. No hallway is like the other, different grains and coordinated nuances have been created by nature. Just this flair makes planks a material that fits the classic, rustic or modern style of a room.

Laying and installation

This type of floorboard is used where massiveness, sound, volume and tradition are decisive. Due to the mostly parallel cut, different plank widths result within the floor. Oak planks are bolted either directly to the timber layer or to timbers. This traditional laying method creates a visually beautiful floor appearance.

Quality through manual work

Partly the manufacturers offer lock planks that have been finished by hand. This eliminates damage caused by the drying phase and planing. Of course, such planks are relatively expensive.

even for low heights

If only a small amount of floor space is available or underfloor heating is installed, oak plank flooring is also available in a three-layer construction. This guarantees a dimensionally stable floor.

Oiled, waxed, aged?

Oak planks are available with differently treated surfaces. From raw over aged, brushed, leached, shredded, waxed or even hand-planed, hardly a wish remains open. So you will find the right plank for every application. Gesch Carved from a wood

Plank flooring is cut out of a tree, which makes it possible to create enormous dimensions, some of which are available in lengths of up to 13.50 meters. Oak trees provide particularly durable, hard wood. The result is floorboards for the interior or for floors on the terrace and balcony. For use outdoors, smooth planed or grooved are supplied, so there is no risk of injury when barefoot.

Tips & Tricks Lock Planks are a great way to bring uniqueness and exclusivity to your home. Oak wood is an excellent choice of material for a durable floor covering, as it is rarely attacked by pests.

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