Planning your outdoor kitchen - this is how it works

Outdoor kitchens have become more and more popular in recent years. Cooking, grilling and rinsing are increasingly taking place outdoors. What types of outdoor kitchens are there, and how to properly plan an outdoor kitchen, read in this post.

Kitchen equipment for the outdoor kitchen

More and more we do not only grilling outdoors, but also cooking and purging at home. Outdoor cooking is a very special experience.

The basic features of an outdoor kitchen always include:

  • a grill area
  • a cooking plate
  • a preparation area and
  • a sink

The necessary connections, especially a water connection and drain, must of course be provided accordingly. Since you usually do not have these ports everywhere, you must make them accordingly.

First of all, plan the installation of the necessary connections at a suitable place.

Outdoor kitchen made of individual parts

The easiest way to assemble an outdoor kitchen is to use individual parts. For this you use a conventional grill and combine it with

  • a single hotplate (gas or electric)
  • a trolley and
  • an outdoor sink

The cost for this "modular" kitchen is around 300 EUR to 400 EUR. The flushing cabinet for outside (stainless steel) is available from just over 150 EUR. The water is simply diverted via a sewage hose. Such simple sinks are usually unclad.

Electric or gas?

A gas cooker has its advantages, offers a lot of heat and heat that can be regulated quickly and can be operated for a very long time even with a small gas cartridge.

A power connection is not required, a gas cooker is also always a bit weatherproof (therefore it is also used for camping). As a rule, this is almost always the better choice - even more so if you also use a gas grill.

Finished outdoor kitchens

If you do not want to put together an outdoor kitchen yourself, you can easily buy one ready. The prices are much higher than for fitted kitchens, even with very simple equipment and small dimensions. Under 2,000 EUR, there are hardly any finished outdoor kitchens.

Also interesting are variants that connect a barbecue with sink and stove. Here is a very natural barbecue experience by the presence of a real stove (usually gas stove) and a way to wash the dishes outside, significantly upgraded.

Tips & TricksWhat is missing in most outdoor kitchens is storage space. Even if you buy a ready-made outdoor kitchen, you will need to plan additional lockable storage space.
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