Polishing stainless steel railing: How it shines again

Often, a stainless steel railing is so unsightly that conventional cleaning is no longer possible. This can have different causes. Then there is the option to polish the stainless steel railing. How to polish a stainless steel railing and what to pay attention to, we have summarized here for you.

The good general protection of stainless steel

Usually a stainless steel railing is really easy to clean. This allows you to clean a stainless steel railing with most conventional cleaners. This works so well because stainless steel is protected by the so-called passive layer. This passive layer protects against numerous influences:

  • against weather
  • against water
  • against mechanical abrasion
  • against light alkalis

stainless steel also has weak spots

However, this passive layer can also be penetrated. Particles of other metals, for example, break up the passive layer and lead to punctiform flash rust. But also numerous acids, even very diluted, attack this layer and subsequently the stainless steel railing.

A stainless steel railing that has become unsightly for such reasons can no longer be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents. Instead, you need to polish the stainless steel railing now. You can do the same, as you always do when polishing stainless steel.

Suitable for polishing for cleaning purposes omp Polishes that are designed for chrome are very suitable for simple polishing work, as the chromium content of stainless or stainless steels may also be relatively high. With such easy polishing of the railing, be sure to always polish with the structure - for example, brushed stainless steel.

Polishing the Stainless Steel Railing for Surface Finishing

However, if you want to polish the stainless steel railing to achieve a completely new look (frosted, silky gloss, high gloss polished), you need to be more professional. For this purpose, the stainless steel railing must first be sanded with gradual fine sanding paper (up to grain size 400 to 600). Then the three polishing steps begin:

Polishing (matt)

  • Polishing (semi-gloss, semi-gloss)
  • Polish for polishing (polish to a high gloss)
  • Polishing accessories and polishing pastes

You must use the appropriate plates and washers. There are plates from very soft to hard. The grinding wheels and rollers in sisal, cotton and other materials adapted to the polishing step. In addition to this, you will need the corresponding polishes (pastes, waxes or oils).

Often these are released for colors for the corresponding polishing tasks. In detail we describe the polishing of stainless steel here. Of course, this is also applicable to a stainless steel railing.

Tips & Tricks It is important to remember that you never use tools and tools that have already been used to process other metals - for example, aluminum has already been polished. The working environment should also be kept as clean as possible of dirt and abrasive particles of other metals. In addition, the stainless steel railing must not be stored with other metals in the same room.

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