Porcelain stoneware drills: clean holes in FSZ tiles

Extremely hard materials such as porcelain stoneware pose particular challenges when it comes to drilling holes. Here special drills are used. Find out more about porcelain stoneware drills here.

The hardness of porcelain stoneware requires special drills

  • It is extremely hard, even harder than diamond
  • It has an almost completely dense sintered surface
  • It usually lies in tile or tile form

This all makes it very difficult to make a clean hole in porcelain stoneware tiles or to drill plates. Necessary for this are specially hardened drills with a special drilling geometry and diamond trimming.

Even then, it is still tedious to drill a hole in a porcelain stoneware tile - in some cases, this can often take an hour for an average tile. It is important to use drills that do not require cooling if possible.

When drilling, the hammer mechanism must not be switched on, and drilling must be carried out completely without pressure. Drilling is always allowed at low speed. In all other cases, the tile would jump.

Such drills can be found in well-stocked tool shops or hardware stores - marcrist.de also offers such a highly heat-resistant drilling set - the prices for a drilling set are usually not very high, around 15 to 20 euros for most sets, but the quality differences are often enormous.

This can often be seen only during drilling. The high hardness of porcelain stoneware, which is actually an advantage, is of course disadvantageous when drilling.

How to save costs

Buying a drill set is more about quality than saving as much money as possible. In addition, most sets are fairly close together in terms of price.

Tips & TricksKit a piece of masking tape on the drilling site while drilling - then you will not slip off easily.
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