Pour lead for fishing weights or as a New Year's Eve fun

You can easily cast some practical items from lead yourself. The production of fishing weights and the casting of lucky figures at the end of the year are widespread. However, attention must be paid to the enormous toxicity of the heavy metal and both skin contact and the inhalation of lead vapors are avoided.

lead and tin as an alternative

Lead can usually be melted over a slightly larger candle flame due to its low melting temperature of 327 degrees Celsius. Usually Bunsen burners or camping gas cookers are used. For the production of fishing weights there is a large selection of casting molds in the specialized trade.

Lead is a toxic heavy metal that is absorbed through the skin and when inhaled. If you pour lead yourself, you must ensure good ventilation and minimize skin contact. A non-toxic alternative for the New Year's fun is tin casting, which also has a lower melting point at just under 232 degrees Celsius.

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