Features and possible disadvantages of a wooden house

A wooden house has some disadvantages compared to stone and concrete houses. However, it must be weighed whether the supposed disadvantages are due to qualitative factors such as material quality, processing and assembly. The wooden house construction per se in modern house construction is more a matter of taste than a structural assessment.

Interpretable Facts

Who wants to determine the Pro Contra when comparing wooden house against a stone house, must relativize in many cases. What is seen by some as a disadvantage, sees another as an advantage. The following facts are not to be discussed in a wooden house. Whether they are interpreted as advantages and disadvantages, each client must decide for themselves.

  • Noise of the woodwork

Wood works as a living building material. This results in building-typical creaking and cracking in the entablature, which significantly surpasses the noise level in stone houses.

  • Possible insect attack

A wooden house can always be attacked by insects. Through thorough avoidance strategies, the risk can be greatly reduced. In a stone house, there is no need to look for a remedy for woodworm in the beam.

  • Moisture sensitivity

Moisture damages every building substance. Wood, however, is more sensitive and develops faster than stone mold. In addition, static hazards due to rotting and decay are possible.

  • Shorter service life

Professionals and professionals argue about whether the life of a wooden house is actually shorter than that of a stone house. Buildings made of both materials, which have been preserved for centuries, prove amazing durability.

  • Greater tolerances when laying rigid lines

When laying rigid supply lines in a wooden house, greater movement tolerances due to the "living" building material must be planned. Gas pipelines are not approved in some cases.

  • Increased care costs

The care of a wooden house is strongly determined by the construction method and the type of protective measures. In general, a wooden house must be painted more often than a stone house plastered.

  • UV photosensitivity

Wood, especially on the facade, reacts to UV radiation and must be protected against it.

  • Acoustic behavior and clairaudience

In exaggerated terms, the saying goes that no racing horse can be made out of a farm horse. Wood is clumsier than stone even after extensive insulation measures.

Tips & TricksIf you find it hard to interpret some of the features, look for wooden accomodation in your next vacation. Try out living in a wooden house. Stay in up to five wooden houses, observe and log exactly.
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