PU foam: what is the insulation value of the construction foam?

As an on-site foam, PU foam is also increasingly being used for insulating certain areas. Of course, the question of which insulation values ​​can be achieved with PU foam plays a role. What this depends on and how well PU foam actually insulates, read in this post.

On-site foam insulation

PU foam as an on-site foam has several major advantages as insulating material against slab insulation:

  • it forms an absolutely homogeneous surface
  • it is seamless (no risk of crevices) in it penetrates all cracks
  • it adheres excellently to almost all surfaces
  • it is easy to apply (foam gun)
  • PU foam is a very efficient insulating material, the insulation values ​​are in the range of about 0.020 - 0.025 W / (m · K) depending on the product. This is a very good value compared to plate insulations, which are usually in the range of 0.030 - 0.040 W / (m · K).

Use of PU foam

The foam, which is also known as construction foam and assembly adhesive, can be applied both over a wide area and in cavities. The cavities are filled securely and completely, so the risk of thermal bridge formation is minimal (especially in comparison to other types of insulation, such as blow-ins). PU PU foam insulation is mainly used in the area of ​​core insulation and in the area of ​​false ceiling insulation. It is also possible thermal insulation on flat roofs and the isolation of containers or pipes by PU foam. Ausgeh The hardened foam can also be cut into sheets (hard foam boards) or molded parts and used in this way. "Sandwich elements" are hardened foams in combination with load-bearing, solid elements (such as metal plates).

Insulation efficiency of on-site foam

In comparison with other insulation in the wall area, the values ​​required by the EnEV can be achieved in many cases even with comparatively thin layers (U-value of 0.2 can usually already be achieved with layer thicknesses of 10 cm or 12 , Reach 5 cm).

For slab insulation, significantly higher layer thicknesses are usually necessary, which is disadvantageous in many areas. In cavity insulation, the high insulating value of PU foam is also a great advantage.

Durability of the insulation and insulating effect

The insulating value of PU foam is slightly lost over a long period of time. The loss of insulation efficiency is almost negligible. The insulation material is also durable for a very long time.

Tips & tricks should be considered when applying local foam insulation but also the health risk and the comparatively high price for such an insulation (up to 20 EUR per m²).

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