Means against woodworm in the beam

Both in new buildings and in hundreds of years old old buildings, the larvae of the common rodent or domestic bug beetle are often in trouble. They eat their way through wooden beams and perforate the wood so strongly that the destruction leads to static losses or the danger of collapse. Sometimes only professional remedies help against woodworm in the beam.

Make a clear diagnosis

First, it must be checked on the wooden beam whether the holes are inhabited by woodworms. The most classic detection method is the appearance of wood flour in the holes or below the beams. However, this type of diagnosis can also be deceptive, as woodworms can take food breaks that can last for weeks. When eating, the woodworms cause soft crunchy sounds that can be heard in a quiet environment. In case of doubt an expert should be consulted.

In order to let the larvae die off, three methods are possible, which can only be partially carried out by laymen themselves. Harmless to the health of the use of heat and mechanically acting home remedies, but not always sufficient.

Heat and radiation

Woodworms consist of protein-containing larvae. The protein coagulates at about 55 degrees Celsius and kills the larvae. In thermal heating methods, the beams are heated to about 60 degrees. Different types of heat generation are used, which allow full heating depending on the beam cross-section and infestation intensity:

  • Application of hot air
  • Infrared radiation
  • X-ray

Home remedies

As a home remedy many tips are traded that are suitable for smaller infestation surfaces or furniture. This includes, for example, the "wrapping" of the wood with plastic film after soaking with vinegar essence. The mechanical Zuzachteln the wooden beams and the injection of hot melt adhesive has narrow limits of effectiveness.

Chemical Processes

Most chemical-based treatments have the disadvantage of not helping with health. On non-developed attics, professional fumigation with nitrogen, carbon dioxide or other inert gases is carried out. If nerve toxins such as permetrien are introduced, any direct bar contact for humans and pets should be ruled out by subsequent sealing with shellac.

Tips & TricksAs an unavoidable protective measure against new infestation, you must lower or lower the wood moisture content. This can be achieved for example by the expansion or the insulation of a loft.
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