Removing Rigips dowels

Nearly every building since the 1990s has been constructed with drywall elements. Therefore, dowels for plasterboard became more important. But how are Rigips dowels removed? In particular, as there are various plasterboard dowels. We give you answers.

Almost only drywall in interior design for many years

Since the 1990s, drywall has been the recognized standard in interior design. This also led to a change in the dowels. Although conventional all-purpose dowels are still supplied with many products as mounting accessories, they are hardly needed anymore. For Rigips walls, these dowels are completely unsuitable.

The different types of plasterboard dowels

For plasterboard walls and drywall ceilings, therefore, completely different dowel types must be used:

  • special plasterboard or drywall dowels for direct screwing in
  • cavity dowel made of plastic
  • cavity dowel made of metal
  • spring-loaded dowels

remove drywall dowels from Rigips

plasterboard dowels are dowels that can be used with a wide external thread that works self-tapping in the drywall. You can use these dowels without pre-drilling. For this purpose, a special use for the cordless screwdriver or the drill is needed. This insert is usually part of the dowel pack.

If the dowel is no longer needed, the screw is unscrewed. Then you can also unscrew this dowel. If you no longer have the necessary tools, you can also grab the collar of the anchor with a pair of pliers and unscrew it.

Removing cavity dowels from plasterboard walls or ceilings

With cavity dowels, you can no longer pull the dowel out of the wall. First, the screw is unscrewed. Then the dowel would automatically fall down behind the plasterboard wall. If not, you must first loosen it with a sharp blade (Stanley Knife, Utility Knife) or a sharp little chisel before the dowel drops down.

All other attempts to pull the dowel out of the wall usually cause the plasterboard to tear out. Therefore, such attempts should not be carried out if you do not want to significantly increase the later renovation effort.

Closing the dowel holes in gypsum plasterboard Hohlraum When closing the dowel holes afterwards, bear in mind that gypsum plasterboard with cavity behind it would also cause the plaster or putty to fall down. Therefore, you may need to close the dowel hole with assembly adhesive exclusively or in preparation.

Tips & Tricks When using dowels in gypsum plasterboard, also pay attention to the load bearing capacity resulting from the dowel carrying capacity and the load-bearing capacity of the plasterboard wall.

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