Costs for replacing the worktop

In many cases the costs and effort involved in replacing a worktop are underestimated. The endeavor can sometimes be really expensive. Below, we will therefore briefly present a solution for a very cost-effective replacement of the worktop.

Costs to be reckoned with:

the cost of a new worktop (recommended prices can be found here)

  • cost of transport and delivery of the kitchen worktop
  • cost of disassembling the old worktop (if you do not do it yourself)
  • cost of customizing the new one Plate (shorten, hole cut-outs, ev. Adapt to the wall)
  • costs for the installation of the new plate and the replacement of stove and sink
  • costs for corner joints and sealing the plate
  • If you do the work on a simple plate in the hardware store itself, the costs remain within limits. However, this is not always possible - you can not transport countertops made of granite, concrete or glass yourself or install them yourself. In this case you have to reckon with the renewal of the kitchen plate in any case also with high additional costs.

Additional costs for installation

For hole cuts, if you buy the plate in the hardware store, you have to calculate about 15 - 30 EUR per hole cut, cutting is free in most markets. If you still need grooves for milling joints (corner joint) or similar additional services, it can be even more expensive.

Installation by a specialist

If you have the fitting and installation of the panel carried out by a specialist, the costs are slightly higher. In general, hole cutouts here cost around 20 EUR - 40 EUR, for the preparation of corner joints and adjusting the plate you have to expect further costs, this is often a travel fee.

More information can be found in this post.

Tips & TricksSpecially if you have an angled kitchen or the kitchen back wall is not quite straight, the adjustment can be quite complex. But you can always use your old kitchen counter as a pattern for cutting the new one. Just transfer the measurements.

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