Roof cleaners - help against dirt, moss and lichens?

Rooftop cleaning is a tedious task, especially when it comes to removing massive moss and lichen on the roof. Roof cleaners promise a slight remedy here. What these remedies really do, where to get them and what they cost you will find out here.

Roof cleaning - mechanical or chemical

The high-pressure cleaner can sweep up a lot of dirt and moss from the roof, especially if you use a water heater.

However, heavy moss infestation is still a challenge, especially on the north side of rooftops, which are often much more affected. Moss is often quite persistent, also lichens often hold on some roof tiles quite well.

A whole range of chemical cleaners promises to be able to remedy this effortlessly and automatically, and to remove the moss by itself. But of course, these funds must be applied only at a roof cleaning in order to work.

The alternative with the brush - without a chemical club - usually works just as well, but is of course a bit more labor intensive. For it completely free of harmful chemistry. Even ordinary vinegar can often work wonders.

Possible alternatives to the chemical leg

  • a coarse brush
  • vinegar that is tipped over the affected areas, preferably on summer hot days
  • devices with rotating brushes, which can remove moss and lichens quite quickly.

Prices for chemical cleaning agents

In terms of price, the products of the individual manufacturers are often far apart, sometimes 50 EUR or more are required for a canister. The best known product here is AGO Quart. Viele Many low-priced products and private labels of many markets are also on the market here. However, the price often says little about its effectiveness - one can only find that out for yourself in the end.

sources of supply online The manufacturer of Ago Quart, one of the best-known agents.

  • Also on Amazon are some moss removers and cleaning agents for the roof.
  • The manufacturer is also represented with a universal cleaner and moss removal on the market.
  • How you can save

The mechanical cleaning causes zero costs, even vinegar is not very expensive - at least much cheaper than many of the professional cleaning products. Both are usually just as effective. Especially in combination.

Tips & TricksKeep in mind that cleaning a roof is a purely cosmetic matter - it will not extend the life of the roof or prevent it from being damaged. Even though many claim otherwise in their own interest, the Zentralverband der Dachdecker sees no reason to do so.

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