Building zwar Roof tiles are often extremely durable, but sometimes visually suffer significantly from the ravages of time. A coating of the roof with paint can be an alternative to re-covering here. How you can do it yourself, you will find here explained in detail. St Painting roof tiles - new paint instead of new tiles

In any case, all damaged roof tiles should first be replaced to actually have a completely sealed roof without any damage.

The procedure for coating is explained below.

What's on your roof

Folding tiles

Flat tiles These two types are most common

Other, less common brick types such as Roman tiles or Tuscan tiles

  • Replace tiles with colored coating - The basic steps
  • Colored coating
  • Primer (depending on manufacturer's specifications )


  • High-pressure cleaner
  • Paint roller
  • 1. Setting up the scaffold
  • For all roof work you need a scaffolding, possibly also other safety measures, such as safety nets or the like. Find out which safety regulations apply and what you need to be aware of when it comes to intrinsic safety.
  • 2. Thoroughly clean the roof

First clean the roof thoroughly with the high-pressure cleaner. Make sure that the pressure is not too high, so as not to damage the roof tiles.

Then let the roof tiles dry thoroughly. This is best done in the warm season.

3. Apply primer

Apply a suitable primer (follow the instructions of the tile manufacturer!) With the paint roller. Depending on the product, different drying times apply before you can continue working. Keep these times in any case.

4. Apply a coat of paint

If the primer is dry, you can then use the paint roller to apply the colored coating. Your roof looks like new again.

Tips & TricksThe coating colors are UV-resistant special inks that are just right for this purpose. Other colors should never be used on your roof tiles. If the work itself is too delicate for you, you can hire a specialized company to handle the coating. Even a subsequent seal can sometimes make sense.

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