Save on House Construction - Guide for Planning

The Englishman regards his home as a stronghold: "My home is my castle", he calls out of the window of the smallest row house. Also here in Germany, many Germans dream of their own four walls.

But only very few Germans can afford a spacious house in a rich area such as the district of Starnberg, Hamburg-Blankenese or Dusseldorf. If you still want to fight for your dream, you should consider in advance all the possibilities to save money thoroughly.


There are many items that home builders need to consider. For example, the costs for

  • the property, Keller the basement or the floor slab,
  • the ground floor and further floors,
  • the roof,
  • all installed materials, as well as
  • insulation and electrical installations
  • must be considered in advance.

You can create an overview manually. An alternative that facilitates planning is financial programs that look at private revenues and expenses, enable online banking, and have many service features. An example is Quicken from Lexware (to the product). In this way, homeowners keep an eye on their running costs and can also precisely plan the construction costs. Any changes to the law (such as the SEPA changeover) will automatically be incorporated in updates so that homeowners can work on their dream home.

The property

The price per square meter, which is subject to strong local and temporal fluctuations, should always be kept in sight of the home builders. For example, if you only build 600 instead of 800 square meters, you can save around 30,000 euros. In popular and expensive locations, the house builders can also limit themselves to 400 square meters. Semi-detached or terraced houses can even handle 300 square meters.

Caution should also be exercised when building turnkey homes. After all, the service providers can charge thousands of euros for the development of the property. It is therefore worth considering having a contract for a turnkey house checked by an expert at a hidden cost and making your own claims realistic.
Follow-up costs, infrastructure

Anyone who considers themselves lucky because they could buy a cheap property in the countryside should first consider the follow-up costs. Because the fuel costs, which are incurred during the daily journey to work, can make a big impact. Otherwise, it is important for children that kindergartens or schools are nearby. Especially in remote areas, you should also pay attention to shopping and the proximity to doctors.

Living space

According to Mercury, home builders should then concentrate on the architectural structure of their home. Every square meter of built-in space costs money, so that the size of the floor space and the height of the house should be decisive points of discussion. Special features in the structure include, for example, projections or oriels, recesses or niches, diaphragm gables or dormers.

Suppliers of prefabricated houses charge additional money for these extras and also in massive houses they are important, so that homeowners should if possible to cheaper solutions, such as roof windows instead of dormers, should dodge.

  • On the other hand, both in solid and prefabricated houses during the construction process, many needs only become clear or subsequently, ideas emerge, for which not only precise communication with the service providers but also a sufficient cash buffer should be available.
  • The cellar
  • The key question is: Do you need a cellar at all? This question should be considered in the light of the fact that a cellar sometimes costs as much as a mid-range car. If you only need it for technology and washing, you should question it.
  • On slopes, however, it can easily become a full-fledged floor. It is generally cheaper to build everything on one level (read: on the ground floor). Depending on the size of the house, 12,000 to 20,000 Euros will be required for the required floor slab.

Roof, Floors, Material
Many home builders tend to extend the roof later due to cost. However, if you postpone heat insulation, the installation of conduits or skylights, you always pay. That's why you should do the same if possible.

Folding tiles are cheaper than slate on the roof. But the cheapest are concrete roof tiles. Here you should especially remember their appearance in the future. Tiles are generally more expensive than linoleum and shatter easily. Due to the "click system" (floating, non-glued elements) parquet floors are nowadays not much more expensive than linoleum, so that the noble floor covering has become a realistic alternative.

One last important point is energy efficiency. In most cases, home builders who rely on good insulation, pellet stoves instead of central or gas heating and solar cells, save money in the long run. This and the aforementioned points should be carefully considered by the homeowner - then they can approach the construction in peace and be happy in their new house.

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