Different products are available for sealing

Gutters can be sealed in different ways - there are a few possibilities here. Among other things, this depends on which type of gutter you want to seal - copper, galvanized or plastic.

Possible sealing methods for the gutter

using a special sealing tape

  • Ultramelastic filling compound - especially for metal gutters
  • Silicone-based sealing compounds for plastic and metal gutters
  • Soldering or welding can also be a possibility.
  • Sealing tapes are a very simple and practical way to seal smaller leaks quite reliably and also quite permanently. They consist of aluminum foil, elastomer bitumen and various adhesive resins. Ultr The sealant from Ultrament is easy to handle and provides a very good, durable seal, and can also be painted over. The product is called "dry it tight fix" in the trade.

The silicone-based sealants are even longer lasting and offer a waterproof and very flexible sealing layer.

How to proceed when sealing gutters

Sealant or repair tape or silicone sealant


  • Spatula
  • Adhesive tape
  • Sharp knife
  • 1. Identify leaks
  • Be sure to detect as many leaks as possible. Pass water through the gutter with a hose and mark where it drips.

2. Cleaning damaged areas

To ensure that sealants adhere well, you should remove any dirt and deposits from the damaged areas as far as possible and clean them.

3. Apply sealant

Seal all detected leaks with a sealant of your choice. The best performance is provided by silicone-based sealants, which are very easy and problem-free with smaller leaks but also with sealing tape.

Which means you choose is up to you in the end - that is sometimes a bit of a price issue.

Tips & Tricks Soldering works quite well with metal pipes - but you should be able to do that really well. And there is a not inconsiderable fire hazard as well.

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